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I am an everyday person who participates in triathlons for the fun of completing them but I know that Elisabeth has helped top performing athletes too. This means that Elisabeth can be a trusted and effective member of your support team. She provided me information and guidance on what to eat and when to eat it.”


My adventure with Elizabeth began with a phone call from my doctor. The blood tests from my annual physical showed an alarming elevated cholesterol level. My doctor suggested a visit with a dietician and gave me Elizabeth's name.”


How would I ever rise above the chains of the eating disorder? Anorexia nervosa controlled much of my life for longer than I could remember. Each choice, each moment, Ed stood over me telling me what I was to decide. My desires, my voice—it was all lost beneath the disorder. Ed was in charge.”


Part of me wanted to stay there and part of me wanted to get up and leave, and run away from what would later become the best help I had ever received…The hardest thing to do as an anorexic or bulimic or any other sort of disordered eating is to go for help.”


…I was unable to see that the only person who truly needed to accept me was me...The most important thing I learned was that it is important to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, it is impossible for anyone else to love you. This is something that I wish everyone could understand.”


Yesterday I crossed the finish line of the 109th Boston Marathon. I’ve never felt so good, and hurt so bad at the same time! But my pain is only temporary, and my pride will last forever.”


When people ask about my success, I tell them that 'it's chemistry, not character'...Thank you for your help at a critical time in my life. I consider it one of the best investments I ever made!


I carried the card around for a few days before I got up the courage to call for an appointment. I remember being so nervous the morning of my first appointment. I just knew that I would never be able to eat anything good again, that I would never be able to socialize because of food restrictions and I would have to exercise like a marine recruit. Boy, was I wrong.”


You were so positive and real with me that it helped me realize that living healthy was not a lifetime of salads and baked chicken. :) …Sometimes I pick up big ole bags of dog food to remind myself of what is no longer on my body.”


For the first time ever, I had the pleasure of walking in a labyrinth with my girls from group therapy yesterday…I walked into the labyrinth thinking that I would be the one to not get anything out of it...then E, my RD, stepped onto the path and relief washed over me. I have people walking this with me, the right people.”


I am also participating in a “Wise Women” group for those who have begun the labyrinth into themselves. With the support and help of all of these wonderful people, I have been able to find the “real” me and to discover that I am, in fact, not that underweight, unhealthy person at all. I am a wonderful, beautiful person just as I am and deserve all the happiness and healthiness that I have found.”


I was a member of the first Eating in the Light of the Moon session in March 2008. WOW, it’s really hard to put into words how powerful that group was. It was my first “group” experience and yes I found myself out of my comfort zone a few times, but what an amazing growing opportunity that was.”


I have been working with Elisabeth since June, 2011. In about 6 months, she has taken me on a from using food for all the wrong reasons to eating intuitively. My weekly-ish individual sessions and weekly ELTM group sessions have changed my world. I was a 30 year bulimic. That started in college. Not really any big mental reasons for it - I come from a loving family and am a pretty "buttoned up" woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, full time worker.... Lot on my plate so to speak.


ENOUGH…that was the word that chimed in my head… tired of walking the same path…29 years  struggling with my weight, I’d finally had enough. Enough of the preoccupation with weight…enough of dieting…enough spending money on the latest diet trends… enough beating myself up over not succeeding… ENOUGH.