About Peterson Nutrition and Fitness

Individual and group nutrition and fitness programs

The private practice of Elisabeth Peterson, a Richmond, Virginia-based Registered Dietitian, Medical Nutrition Therapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor(CEDS-C) and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Peterson Nutrition and Fitness caters to the needs of individuals and groups, and it is your source for proper nutritional guidance at all levels from disease states through competitive athletes.

Through individual or group counseling, Elisabeth provides nutritional and overall wellness support for a broad range of clientele--from children to those later in years, from competitive athletes to those coping with a variety of food allergies, disorders, and diseases. And though Elisabeth’s clients come in all genders, races, ages, cultures, and shapes, they are united by a desire for genuine wellness.

Achieving wellness—physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social—involves both a nutritional and activity/exercise component. Elisabeth will design a program tailored to your specific needs that you will own and enjoy as you progress toward your goals. Her approach focuses on empowerment as her clientele learn to form a healthy relationship with food, activity, mind and spirit while working toward their wellness goals.

Balancing the macro- and micro-nutrient needs and integrating those needs into your busy lifestyle is Elisabeth’s forte. Elisabeth lives an active life, and she understands how complicated wellness can be. She is a wife and mother, operates her private practice, is active in her community, and is physically active, whether working in the garden, kayaking in the river or riding on the bike path.

Given her interest in physical fitness, Elisabeth is an AAFA-certified personal trainer and understands the nutritional needs of athletes. If you desire increased power, precision, endurance and speed through proper nutrition, she can help you.

She also understands the fears of the non-exercisers. If you are resistant to activity, Elisabeth can introduce you to a new way of thinking to help you get started. You will look forward to getting off the couch.

My practice is based on relationships with clients.


Food should be pleasurable, have a delicious taste, wonderful aroma, pleasing texture, and beautiful presentation, isn’t it about time you made peace with it?


Women have special nutritional needs, but how do these needs change over the course of a woman’s life?