How would this work?

Your lifestyle is your choice, but your wellness depends on how well you understand and apply sound nutritional and exercise counsel.

Healthy nutrition is complex and confusing, and every day there appears a new “miracle” on TV claiming to help you achieve your goals. With my guidance, you will be able to untangle the confusion.

I will be your ally in this process, not the “food police.” I listen closely to my clients, and I take pride in creating customized, achievable wellness goals for each of them.

During our first visit, we will get to know each other, and I will strive to comfort you and instill confidence in you that I am truly your partner in this process and have a genuine interest in your well-being. Together, we will evaluate your medical, social and lifestyle history. We will assess your current state and discuss your goals. In subsequent visits, I will educate, guide and encourage you to use your newly acquired tools as we set new practical, realistic goals and plan strategies for reaching them.

Whether you want to heal your relationship with food and your body, adapt to a health condition, change your eating habits, or want to run a marathon, I am here to provide the nutritional guidance and support that will lead to your success.

A feeling of empowerment is the most frequent result of my work. It sprouts from you taking the all important first steps to be in charge of yourself rather than drifting in the current and feeling out-of-control. The feeling grows as you learn and grow in a safe, trusting and caring environment. My role is to be your compassionate and supportive educator and to provide you a helpful and safe environment.

Gastrointestinal disorders are difficult, but they can be managed.


Living with a food allergy? You’re not alone—I'm here to help.


Raising kids with healthy eating habits is challenging with today’s busy lifestyle, let me help you streamline planning, preparing, and serving delicious, balanced meals and snack.