Peterson Nutrition and Fitness: Services

Individual Counseling

An individualized approach is used with each client. During the initial 50 minute consultation, a thorough assessment is completed, taking into consideration goals, medical history, current nutrition knowledge, eating style, motivation level, and possible obstacles to making lifestyle changes. An individualized action plan is then created, customized to your specific and unique needs.

Your individualized wellness action plan may include:

  • Education about your specific health concern or disease
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Tasty and healthy cooking and recipes
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery shopping tips
  • Food label reading guidance
  • Dining out ideas
  • Tools for dealing with problematic eating behaviors
  • Nutrition supplement recommendations, if appropriate
  • Activity/exercise

Follow-up appointments, (25 or 50 minutes in length) will continually fine tune your individualized action plan and guide you through the challenges you encounter between visits.

Telehealth or phone sessions. Online class/group available too.

My adventure with Elisabeth began with a phone call from my doctor. The blood tests from my annual physical showed an alarming elevated cholesterol level. My doctor suggested a visit with a dietician and gave me Elisabeth's name.”


I remember being so nervous the morning of my first appointment. I just knew that I would never be able to eat anything good again...Boy, was I wrong!