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Cynthia's Success Story

I never expected, at the age of 52, I’d be seeking a miracle.  But a miracle is what I desperately needed. The disordered eating with which I had struggled for nearly a decade in my late teens and early twenties had reemerged.  It had lurked quietly and patiently below the surface as I migrated from one eating plan to the next.  I was searching for permanent results within an industry whose very existence is dependent upon the impermanent nature of the solutions it offers.

With each failed attempt to lose weight and keep it off, the roots of self-loathing and body hatred grew stronger, strangling the last bit of hope I held on to.  I had lost faith in my ability to establish a peaceful relationship with food and wasn’t willing to spend one more day in a body I despised.  And then my miracle materialized in the form of Elisabeth Peterson, RD, CEDRD-S.

Elisabeth’s expertise is vast and exceeded only by her unwavering blend of honesty, compassion, commitment, and infinite patience.  Elisabeth created a safe space for me to unpack all my broken pieces, and session by session taught me how to put them back together again to create something of beauty.  ME.  My work with Elisabeth was transformational.  For the first time in 52 years, I have a healthy, respectful, and enjoyable relationship with food and a genuine appreciation for the body I’ve been given.  The freedom that had been so elusive has been found.  That’s a miracle in my world and one I celebrate frequently.