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Dian's Success Story

ENOUGH…that was the word that chimed in my head… tired of walking the same path…29 years  struggling with my weight, I’d finally had enough. Enough of the preoccupation with weight…enough of dieting…enough spending money on the latest diet trends… enough beating myself up over not succeeding… ENOUGH.  Desperate, I asked my doctor for help, the name of someone who could truly help me, and I was given the number of Elisabeth Peterson.  A new journey began.

Thinking I would be given the “right” diet for me, how much and what to eat.  To be weighed and told what I “should” weigh.  I thought I would be put on the right diet, once and for all. But, that was not what I received… I received so much more.  Elisabeth invited me to join the Eating by the Light of the Moon group.  The group enabled me to see my issues with weight were much more than just “issues with weight.”

My struggles with eating disorders began at age 13.  What started as one negative comment, turned into years of starving, restricting, binging, purging, compulsive eating and laxative abuse.  But these behaviors were symptoms of something larger.  Through the support of the group, I finally had the courage to see what the underlying issues really were.  I learned that my behaviors have been covering up my need to be nurtured, to feel in control, to voice my anger and opinions, and to assert my needs. Food has been used as a substitute, to numb and stuff my needs and feelings.  The group has taught me the tools to heal and ways to nourish myself without food or other behaviors.  That I must ride waves of emotions, and sit with uncomfortable feelings, that I will be safe.   Although I may be a bit shaken, I will come out in one piece, whole, stronger and wiser. 

It is a continuous journey, full of highs and lows, but thanks to having the support, tools & resources, it is a journey I am ready to take.  I have accepted that my past behaviors have served me, they have helped me cope and survive hurts and disappointments.  But now I don’t want to merely survive, I want to thrive.  The ETLM group has changed my life, by helping me heal, grow, bloom and most importantly reclaim my own inner voice, my true authentic self.