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Gina's Success Story

"It is difficult to put into words the transformational power and beauty Elisabeth fosters in her women's circles. She is able to create and hold space in such a way which empowers and enlightens you to take ownership of your own healing journey.

I was fortunate enough to find Elisabeth at a pivotal time in my life.  Elisabeth has raised my consciousness surrounding issues which have plagued me and inspired me to be an active participant in changing my inner narrative. Whenever I share with another woman my warrior story, I always reference working through Eating in the Light of the Moon with Elisabeth. It taught me how to constructively look at my relationship with food and shift my paradigm. Her book clubs have helped me understand and fulfill my need for a "tribe" while encouraging me to challenge society's conditioning and expectations of women. I've felt a part of a community seeking to live a more meaningful life which transcends face value and inquires about content and context."

-Gina G.