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Isabella's Success Story

In November of 2003, after months and months of on and off treatment for anorexia nervosa, my mother and I decided that my habits had gotten out of hand. At the lowest weight I had ever been and in the worst physical state my body had ever reached, she decided to seek out new options for treatment. She presented her findings to me one morning and said that I had to see a nutritionist because if what I was doing were to continue, I may end up in the hospital. Unwillingly I agreed and a week later we were sitting in the office.

Part of me wanted to stay there and part of me wanted to get up and leave, and run away from what would later become the best help I had ever received. I don't remember the first meeting very well, I just remember leaving with a mission and a meal plan; another one of the scariest things I had ever experienced as an anorexic. But within two weeks I had enough energy to supply myself and someone else. So I kept going back, feeding off the newfound energy. As time wore on, we did more therapy type things - the roots of thinking that an anorexic or bulimic experiences, how to occupy the time I gained as I enter recovery and even the path of recovery. After I became stable, my mother and I were recommended to extremely good doctors to help the physical damage I had done to myself.

As time wore on I became more energetic, healthy, and I became physically and mentally healthier. The hardest thing to do as an anorexic or bulimic or any other sort of disordered eating is to go for help. But for me, a nutritionist is the best part of therapy I had ever had. Combined with all the other help I was getting, it helped me enter recovery and stay there. It has been almost a year, and I'm in the best health I have ever been. It's not to say that its been a simple recovery and things don't get terribly hard sometimes, but that comes with recovering from something that has been a part of my life for a long time. There's hope for everyone, you just have to have hope that recovery can work.