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Kim's Success Story


I just wanted to thank you for all your positive words and encouragement. You were the one who helped me unlock the door so I could begin my journey and for that I love you! 

Here I am one year later living my life in ways I could never have imagined. When I found my way to Elisabeth I had lived the spectrum of the eating disorder roller coaster. In my early thirty’s I began starving myself and exercising/spending excessively. After living that way for at least 10 years I began to overeat excessively for emotional comfort and continued the overspending. I was a part of a very dysfunctional marriage and had spiraled down into the lowest point of my life. I no longer knew who I was and hated myself for not being able to starve and find the real me again (unfortunately, I mistakenly thought that the “real” me was that underweight, unhealthy person from years before). This made me eat even more.

I got Elisabeth’s name from my doctor after I had indicated to him that I was feeling desperate enough about my weight to do something very drastic and possibly harmful. I made my appointment and hoped that this would be the fix that I needed. The day before my appointment I decided that I would eat whatever I wanted since I would never be able to do that again!!  I had all of my favorite junk that day and even prepared myself a “last meal” (barbeque chicken with potatoes baked with cheddar cheese). It was heaven, until I did what I have done countless times and ate nearly all of it by myself. The next day I nervously made it into Elisabeth’s office and found that she was not at all what I expected of a nutritionist. The first thing that surprised me was that she DIDN’T PUT ME ON A DIET. I couldn’t believe it, but she told me that I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. The problem was not the food - that was a symptom of what was really going on. At this point she explained the different types of eating disorders and their symptoms to me. As I said before, I had experienced them all but getting that information was a relief to me because it explained so much regarding my behavior that I previously wasn’t able to understand.

My first hurdle would be regaining my self esteem and also gaining the strength to leave my marriage behind. After getting through the loss of my marriage, Elisabeth helped me find not only a therapist and psychiatrist both of whom specialized in eating disorders, but she also recommended an eating disorder group (Eating in the Light of the Moon) that was very beneficial to my journey. The group of women in this circle gave me support and strength and helped me to see how very special I was just as I was. This was the first time in a very long time that I was able to look at myself in a mirror and actually like what I saw. I was learning to love me again.

I continued to see all of my doctors but was still having trouble controlling my emotional eating. Elisabeth encouraged intuitive eating but I just couldn’t seem to figure out those hunger and full feelings. After so many years of eating with no control it was difficult to relearn something that should be so natural. I continued working on it and then allergy season rolled around. I got sick and was taking large doses of prednisone as well as antibiotics among other things. My emotions as well as my immune system were completely messed up. After I was able to come off the medications Elisabeth suggested that I try eating “clean” food in order to flush my system out and improve my immune system. This meant that I would have 1/4 plate of protein, 1/4 plate of starch, 1/2 plate of vegetables and a small side of fruit and milk and I would avoid processed food when possible. I also needed to try and give up diet soda because I was drinking about a 24 pack in a week. I was petrified but just made up my mind that I could do this. I haven’t had a soda and I have been eating well balanced meals 3 times a day with only occasional snacking since that day. Eating this way has totally eliminated the need to snack because I am eating good food and am not feeling hungry in between. It really was a no-brainer and I finally know hunger from full! 

I am also participating in a “Wise Women” group for those who have begun the labyrinth into themselves. With the support and help of all of these wonderful people, I have been able to find the “real” me and to discover that I am, in fact, not that underweight, unhealthy person at all. I am a wonderful, beautiful person just as I am and deserve all the happiness and healthiness that I have found.

Again Elisabeth, thank you so much for guiding me into the wonderful, magical labyrinth that is me and giving me the tools I needed to know what to do once I got there!