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KS's Success Story

"Before I started the Light of the Moon cafe course, I thought I was a lost cause. At 37 years old, I had been bulimic for over 23 years. And although I had already made a lot of progress with various groups and a lot of therapy, I still felt quite lost and the eating disorder still remained a bit of a mystery to me. I was still bingeing and still obsessed with food. However, I didn't lack insight and had a lot of experience of trying to recover so I was skeptical that the course would have anything new to teach me. How wrong I was. I can honestly say that the cafe course shone a light into areas of my being and my thinking which I didn't know existed and which I didn't know could be different. Although it is an intense experience, it is not frightening, only exciting and inspiring. I feel like I am finally on solid ground. I am no longer afraid of food and trust myself completely. But more than that, I know on a profound level that I will be able to look after myself and navigate my course through life because my relationship with myself has changed. I respect and value my feelings and opinions. And I have a totally new perspective on the eating disorder - now, whenever I get off track, I can always trust that thoughts about food or weight will serve as an early warning signal. I never thought I'd ever say that I was grateful for the eating disorder but now whenever I think about a new diet or cutting carbs or feel fat, I know that there is something I need to address, some feeling which I'm not acknowledging. This course shows you how to do that. I cannot recommend it highly enough but it is essential to set aside the time every day to do the work. If you do, your experience of yourself and life will be so much richer and there will be no room for the eating disorder behaviors."

--KS, England