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Lilly's Success Story

Yesterday I crossed the finish line of the 109th Boston Marathon. I’ve never felt so good, and hurt so bad at the same time! But my pain is only temporary, and my pride will last forever.

My first visit with Elisabeth was 9 months ago. At that time in my life I remember feeling scared and helpless, like I’d lost control of things. I had become weary, frail almost, but I was not really sure what started my downfall. I became unhappy, lost my inner glow, and food had no appeal to me. No one said anything good about me anymore, they just expressed their concerns about how thin I was. But I was still good at one thing – running. And no one could take that away from me. So I set my eyes on completing a marathon to give me some sort of self-satisfaction. Looking back, all I can say of my behavior is…typical.

As I began running 30-40 miles per week, and still wasn’t eating much, my body physically started to deteriorate. I could feel the pain, had no energy, and couldn’t sleep at night. I was driven to seek help and not give up on my goal!

From day one, Elisabeth never pointed out my faults, or said that any of my training/eating habits were wrong. She has been a fountain of support for me, and one of my biggest fans. I always felt like she was on my side when no one else believed in me. I never felt like I was sitting on her couch because I had a “problem” or a “disorder.” Rather, during each visit, Elisabeth listened and accepted me for where I was at that very moment, and then helped me to move forward from there…setting new mini-goals each time.

Slowly, she made huge issues for me seem simple to change. But it was tough, and took much more time than I anticipated. I learned that eating properly is about changing your entire lifestyle, and you have to believe in yourself and want that change to see some results.

My happiness and strength that I’ve gained through Elisabeth far outweighs any of the emotional and financial struggles that comes with seeing a nutritionist.
Elisabeth helped me to realize that food was my fuel for performance. Eating was a way to respect my body, and myself as a human being. I rekindled the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from eating a well-balanced meal, and discovered new snacks to eat that benefited my training the most.

Gaining some weight over the past year has ended up being the best thing that I did for myself. I am more alert during the day, sleep at night, and I feel beautiful again. Not to mention that I did run not one, but two marathons.