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Lola's Success Story


I have been terribly remiss about not letting you know how much you have changed my life -- and, that's not an exaggeration. I truly feel like a different person. After coming to see you in October 2004, I have lost at least 65 pounds. I don't know the exact amount because the only time I step on a scale is in the doctor's office, and I have a lot fewer appointments these days. I started at a size 20 (or 22 if forced to be truthful) and am now a size 16.

The weight loss came very quickly at first, but is much slower now. That's okay. I would rather be a size 12, but I don't feel any pressure because my meal plan works so well. Maybe I will get there eventually. I also exercise regularly -- walking for the aerobic part and light weight lifting on a balance ball for the resistance part.

The true miracle has been that I don't get ravenously hungry as before. It's interesting, but the few times I have to eat "off plan" (usually business lunches) I wind up much hungrier, even though I am careful with my choices. I am convinced that it's all about chemistry. When people ask about my success, I tell them that "it's chemistry, not character".

Truthfully, since October I really haven't made too many mistakes, simply because my body leaves me alone and doesn't beg for poor food choices.

I have passed your name on to a couple of folks. I spoke to someone today who I think will be contacting you. Her name is ______. I told her that it turned out to not be terribly complicated, because you stripped away all the fluff and made it easy to understand.

Thank you for your help at a critical time in my life. I consider it one of the best investments I ever made!