Peterson Nutrition and Fitness: Services


Mike's Success Story

I have used Peterson Nutrition and Fitness for some time now with success. We have formed a close client/advisor relationship due to Elisabeth Peterson’s winning personality and warm nature. I first met her (Elisabeth) when beginning my triathlon efforts. She gave me great advice on diet and weight loss while remaining active. No starving myself and losing the energy to train. She also taught me how to “eat right.”  Please note I am an everyday person who participates in triathlons for the fun of completing them but I know that Elisabeth has helped top performing athletes too. This means that Elisabeth can be a trusted and effective member of your support team. She provided me information and guidance on what to eat and when to eat it. Her services are not a canned program. Elisabeth provided me with what and when. I implemented the plan in my own way with my own food. I also like the way Elisabeth conducts business. The relationship was pay as I went. No forking over vast sums for a program that may or may not fit me.