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Athletes too, can be confused about proper nutrition and how important it is to their success. It seems there is a daily introduction to the market of some new power-enhancing or endurance producing mega-nutrient that will transform the average athlete into a superstar. Elisabeth makes no such claims, yet will introduce you to the science of nutrition including the value of a balanced diet including vitamins and minerals. Elisabeth understands your concerns and knows how overwhelming it can be. She will work with your Sports Medicine Doctor and coach to coordinate care at your request.

Elisabeth lives an active life and is also an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. She therefore understands the nutritional needs of athletes. If power, precision, endurance and speed are what you would like to access, come see her. She will help you by:

  • Teaching you ways to change food and exercise related behaviors.
  • Teaching you about balancing essential nutrients.
  • Increasing your awareness of the importance of hydration.
  • Assisting your understanding of eating for anaerobic or aerobic power.
  • Teaching you the importance of timing of meals and snacks including pre-competition, during the competition and recovery.
  • Assisting you in meal choices while traveling.
  • Guiding and teaching you how to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise for the compulsive athlete.
  • Assisting to develop normal eating and activity patterns for female and male athletes diagnosed with Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) syndrome.
  • Keeping other members of the team apprised of changes in eating, weight and food behaviors.

Follow-up visits are recommended until goals are met.

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Yesterday I crossed the finish line of the 109th Boston Marathon.  I’ve never felt so good, and hurt so bad at the same time!  But my pain is only temporary, and my pride will last forever.”


I am an everyday person who participates in triathlons for the fun of completing them...[Elisabeth] provided me information and guidance on what to eat and when to eat it.”