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Eating in the Light of the Moon

Imagine sitting in a healing women’s circle, combining the stories, myths and fairy tales found in Anita Johnston’s book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, mixing in art, music, journaling and discussion with other women struggling with eating difficulties and steeping for 14 weeks. What could be more wonderful?

  • Recognizing and honoring the wisdom of the body
  • Seeing your challenges with food as symbolic of deeper hungers
  • Developing the necessary skills and tools to nourish yourself
  • Accessing your true feelings by developing your Intuition
  • Finding your voice in your significant relationships
  • Embracing the Feminine experience: menstruation, sexuality
  • Knowing your physical hunger and fullness signals
  • And MORE!

Since 2008 many women in the Richmond area have thoroughly enjoyed this interactive group and found healing and hope for recovery. We are actively seeking new participants to join our healing women’s circle. If you feel that the Eating in the Light of the Moon Group would support your recovery from eating difficulties, please contact me.

  • 14 Sessions
  • Fee:
    • $55/session**
    • $715 (**$55 savings if paid in advance)



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I was a member of the first Eating in the Light of the Moon session in March 2008. WOW, it’s really hard to put into words how powerful that group was...


ENOUGH…that was the word that chimed in my head… tired of walking the same path…29 years  struggling with my weight, I’d finally had enough. Enough of the preoccupation with weight…enough of dieting…enough spending money on the latest diet trends… enough beating myself up over not succeeding… ENOUGH


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