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Welcome to the Light of the Moon Café...

il_fullxfull ...where women can transform their relationships with food.

The Light of the Moon Café is an online e-course/support circle for women seeking freedom from struggles with eating and weight issues.

It is a place that provides a feast of healing images and experiences that deepen our understanding of struggles with food, fat, and dieting—within the safety of an online women's support circle.

Upon completion of the e-course, all participants are eligible for free, ongoing support online at the Wise Women’s Circle.

Elisabeth co-founded Light of the Moon Café with her friend and colleague Dr. Anita Johnston.


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Reading "Eating In The Light Of the Moon" and having the opportunity to participate and practice new behaviors in the Cafe Circle is changing my life.


Before I started the Light of the Moon cafe course, I thought I was a lost cause. At 37 years old, I had been bulimic for over 23 years. And although I had already made a lot of progress with various groups and a lot of therapy, I still felt quite lost and the eating disorder still remained a bit of a mystery to me. 


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